[GAME][2.3+] Arithmetic Puzzles

Short summary

• Five categories of puzzles, each category having 2 types and 3 difficulties, resulting in about 9000 different puzzles.
• Guide section teaching how to play and also teaching how basic arithmetic operations work.
• Statistics section containing line charts for all the solved puzzles, which can be filtered by types and difficulties.
• In-game hints, result sharing, sounds and cool small animations with gyroscope (will share codes of them in other threads for open usage and discussion).


Arithmetic Puzzles is a puzzle game on basic arithmetic operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It is perfect for middle school aged children to understand how arithmetic works while trying to solve puzzles. These puzzles develop logical thinking related to basic operations with numbers, preparing ground for getting more complex knowledge later. The puzzles are also a challenge for grown-ups to solve!

There are 5 categories of puzzles - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and general equation forming. The goal of the equation puzzle is to create an expression using given numbers which yields to the desired value.

Each category of puzzle has two types. Arithmetic operation puzzles have “Number” and “Letter” types, equation puzzles have “Single-digit” and “Multi-digit” types. Each type has 3 difficulties - Easy, Normal and Hard. There are around 300 puzzles for each type and difficulty resulting in about 9000 different puzzles!

The Guide section of the app shows how to play the game and also contains guides on how arithmetic operations work. They can be a great help for children in understanding and also for their parents in explaining how arithmetic works.

The Statistics section in the app contains line charts for all the solved puzzles, which can be filtered by types and difficulties. It is a big help in understanding the progress made during solving and determining the weak areas for better training.

The app also has several small features like hints, sharing the statistics of a successfully solved puzzle, enabling/disabling animations and sounds, changing the division style (English/non-English) and so on.

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