Gambling in Night City?

We all know that gambling in video games is prohibited. Hell… even in GTA 5 they had to cut the casino out of the game…
this is the bcz of the online aspect… sooo

can CD Projekt RED tell Us if it’s possible to play our whirlwinds? If this is the case… then the future MP will be economically separated from the main game…

would you like to dive into the slot machine hall and poker dens in the night city?

I dont like slots

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Interesting, interesting! I love gambling, both in online casinos and in brick-and-mortar ones. But why it seems that people prefer online casinos?

There’re at the very least two reasons. The “tangible” casinos don’t offer any bonuses or loyalty plans, and the second is quite obvious- COVID. Don’t forget about it as well unless you want to add an additional layer of gambling and risk your life. As for the online casinos, here’s the best one you’ll find official website Fastpay casino

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Yeah, I’ve also noticed that. But I’m glad that I still can play casinos online, like bitstarz casino