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Gambling and casino chat thread

To all if you can do a video game footage in a casino of Wheel Of Fortune Respin slot machine please do so and then either link to its video game footage in this thread or mention how to get to it such as
Wheel Of Fortune Respin Playthrough by Kendra Edward Jenkins 1 of 15

There’s a wheel of fortune game for switch. I’ve seen a few youtubers play it.

Yeah, I get that you were born in the USA, thanks for informing us.
Now I can see what can happen to a person’s brain if they do gambling too much. There’s nothing bad in gambling itself (even if you use the money to bet) if you know where to stop and how to control yourself. This is not easy and if you are not sure that you have enough willpower to do so, you should not start at all.
I play pragmatic slot from time to time, but it’s just like a game for fun and that’s all. it doesn’t bother me in the middle of the night. I just play a couple of times a week for fun and that’s it. You can try too if you desire.