Galaxy S3 tester wanted

Can someone please download and test it. I have reports from users of it crashing in reviews, but zero ACRA submissions.

Ok, played about a dozen rounds on my galaxy s3. Couldn’t get it to crash on the game screen, but I did have a crash on the leaderboards once. I sent in a report to google.

Congrats on your new game! It’s just as fun as word hero! Are you doing any cross promotion for this game in word hero?

Thanks. Kinda weird, because I don’t have any leaderboard error records in either Bugsense or Google.

Cross-promotion: Yes, once per hour per user. CTR is 0.81%. My normal CTR is around 0.6%. You would assume that a heavily animated advert that used WordHero branding and had 100k daily active users would be able to generate at least 30k installs… sadly NO.

So what does this mean ? Well, it is a VERY good lesson! It means cross-promotion with banners to a similar audience is only 25% better than running the advertising somewhere else!

This really means that if you want to be able to cross-promote, you have to do better than a ‘more apps’ or a banner in your existing apps.

Were you able to find my report in your google console?

I agree that banners don’t work too well for cross promotion. Me and Daler are cross promoting with a button on the main menu, that works pretty well. I also do my own “intestrials” on closing of some of my apps. I think for [WORDHERO] you should do some type of dialog telling them about your new game. WORDHERO is your best form of free advertisement right now I think, because people playing already love your competitive word type of game. You just need to get them to notice your message.

Nope, no report… At the moment, I don’t have the capability to do a popup advert on startup in WordHero. The best I can do is a TOAST message on start asking users to look out for the Anagram Hero advert (done).

I played your game with my wife’s S3 a couple of times yesterday. It crashed twice in the game not in the review or the leaderboard and the weird thing was the app suddenly closed without showing the crashed dialogue box.

When it crashed on my yesterday, it showed the dialog and asked if I wanted to send a report (which I did). I played it some today and haven’t gotten it to crash yet. One thing I noticed though that is a bit annoying, is that it doesn’t always accept the last letter, when trying to swipe the words. If you don’t swipe far enough into the last letter it doesn’t take it. It will even highlight that letter but when you let go to score the word, it doesn’t take the last letter. For instance say I’m swiping a 4 letter word, if I don’t swipe far enough into the 4th letter it will only take 3 letters. It’s highlighting the 4th letter so you might wanna check into your code for highlighting is not the same as the code for getting the word for scoring. This was on a galaxy s 3.

Thanks for the bug report. I tried to replicate it, but am not able to do so…


Your intro video is impressive, well done. What did you use to make it? 3ds or c4d or something like that? :slight_smile:

PM me if you want the person’s contact details.

Cool, he/she is very good.

I am learning how to do same stuff right now. Big learning curve.