Fyber vs IronSource - Which is the best offerwall from a developer's perspective?

I’m planning to develop a “freemium” app. Free version will contain limited features. Pro version will contain full features. Pro version can be unlocked by either paying the money or downloading a certain number of apps from the ‘offer-wall’. From Google, I found that the popular ones out there are Fyber, TapJoy and Supersonic(which is now IronSource) along with a couple of others. I narrowed down to Fyber and IronSource because I’ve heard some complaints about other networks including TapJoy. So:

[li]Which is easier to implement?
[/li][li]Which has the better pay-per-download/click rate?
[/li][li]Are there any better offer wall networks?
[/li][li] Which has the least complaints from the users?

Do not use IronSource. They are scam and will not pay to you. Check this:

you can integrate more offerwall sdk to increase the number of offer ,so your users will have more choice, offer wall ad network: ADXMI、Fyber、IronSource、NativeX、TapJoy

I think the question about offer walls is similar to the question “which network is best”
There probably isn’t a best. They all perform differently on different days and that is greatly affected by your traffic and geo’s.

Your best bet is to try them and see which one or ones you like the best.

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You should checkout TheoremReach - adding rewarded surveys to your app can be a great way to empower users with options for how they earn content. Our SDK fits alongside offerwalls really well and many developers give their users both to choose from.

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Both Ironsource and Fyber are good ad mediation platforms but if you want my opinion, I would choose Appodeal. They are a publisher-centric company that has more demand sources in their SDK than either previously mentioned platform. What I mean by “publisher-centric” is they do not partner directly with advertisers and prioritize their ads for personal gain. The SDK automatically creates ad units that insert price floors, utilizes frequency capping, and tracks historical eCPM data to optimize performance with over 65 demand sources. Also, I’ve read many posts about their customer service being available 24/7 which is a huge plus for me.

You should really have a suitable username if you are a rep for Appodeal or at least disclose it.