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No doubt FXTRADING is the largest trading company in the world in 2019, its headquarters is in South Korea and its return is 400% of the value applied, that’s right 4x the value applied, all this safely because the company fx trading is real, on the card of this video I put our last MEGA FXTRADING EVENT IN SAO PAULO and it was just fantastic. If you multiply your capital 4x safely is good for you, the right place for this is in FXTRADING. Success and good investment!

Company team and promotion conference pictures↓

FX is legally registered in Korea↓

▊FX Trading company project system introduction ▊ ↓

  1. Project party introduction: Korean foreign exchange trading company FX-TRADING, referred to as FX for short, the Korean legality business license and other qualifications obtained on August 3, 2018, the world number

One branch of Dubai is about to land, the second branch of the world is launched in the United States in 2019, and the project business plan is three years. The FX Global Trader Database is established for commercial purposes.

5 million copies to create FX Forex trading and cryptocurrency exchanges.

  1. Introduction of artificial intelligence AI technology: FX company self-programming research and development robots move brick arbitrage technology, the world’s first one-second trading 3,000 core algorithms, docking the world before

50 coins are compared with the established API interface, FX will post the real ID number / trading place / time / location / real-time price / single transaction volume of each transaction order.

Automatically update every day FX robot profit BTC market value / 7 days net profit market value / 30 days net profit market value / global data synchronization, real, open, transparent, AI technology is

The core competitiveness of FX’s project and a strong membership guarantee system

Robot trading data compared to major exchanges↓

3.FX Global Market Plan: On August 8, 2018, 64 countries in the world launched the FXAI arbitrage dividend plan at the same time. On September 1st, the information meeting in China was quickly launched in Haikou.

On September 10th, the official offline marketing model was launched. The Korean CEO plans to open in the central city of Wuhan, China in mid-November (FX Leadership Conference).

Starting, the global foreign exchange member data is about 20,000 people. The Chinese market has gradually increased more than 1,000 FX members in 35 days, and the market has just sprouted!

4.FX static income: 400% return on principal and interest (4 times) in about 200 working days

5: Dynamic reward mechanism: A direct recommendation bonus 6% seconds settlement B double track collision bonus: each 100 yuan direct push qualified after calculating the total cell performance hit 10% C

Management bonus: Under the umbrella, unlimited 10-generation members (2% static 4%) 10 stars to get 10 generations

6: The system is strictly forbidden to have vitality: the first is static + dynamic = fair return 400% need to re-investment, the second is 11 investment robot level fair enjoyment of daily interest

Profit, the third is the dynamic daily cap amount = your investment level, the fourth is to upgrade the make-up difference to continue to get 3 dynamic bonuses, the 5th is 4 times out of the original point after the re-investment

The recommendation award, the sixth is to calculate the deposit in real time according to the international exchange rate.

Mobile login platform interface display↓

My bitcoin balance and earnings

7: FX company profitable blood source: A true technology to move the current amount of funds to profit 1700 BTC / month. B cash payment 5% handling fee C. Saturday and Sunday non-dividend time difference profit, d each activation order is charged 10 $ program to move bricks, E is on the first floor without qualifying bonus expenses, F day capping depends on investment quota locking security and precipitation, G does not return in the middle does not produce profit-making bubbles, H accounts do not interchange, do not hedge, independent withdrawal, 50 $,

  1. Summary of Advantages of FX Project: Really use technology to make blood, static movement is 4 times out of the game, system safety and reasonable compliance control, global operation anti-risk ability, funds can be

Big and small is suitable for all investment speculation, real gold and silver without a full set of no points, no mall, no tokens, no splits, cash withdrawal channels / workdays, no cash caps

This is my proof of receipt on FX↓

FX platform interface daily income and withdrawal details
(Green : Daily Revenue Red : Withdrawal)

System, the performance of no PV value is all dry goods 1:1, real rewards real-time cashing does not draw pies, to achieve, the company’s transparent global public meeting and support to do the practical security,

The project does not mean the plate, the packaging is not exaggerated, the grounding gas, do not brag to do permanent, only tell you that A plans to do 3 years, FX sells the opportunity is not just a good project, the most

The big feature is that it is easy to make bigger and stronger by simply operating the copy.

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