furioussoftware has republished his spam...

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Admin Note:
I just posted an update regarding the reporting of individual developers and apps on this forum. There is now a content policy which applies to threads like this.

This community is a place for developers to talk about development, marketing & monetization strategies. Our primary focus has never been on “policing” the Android market. While there is understandable (and quite justified) concern about making sure spammy apps are kept under control, I don’t believe this website is the best place for that sort of discussion. So in future I’d ask that we focus on discussions about strategy, techniques & experience - and avoid calling out individual developers on the public forum. Hopefully this will help keep discussions positive for all, and still allow people to follow up potential abuses & “spammy” apps privately.

If you would like to continue investigating & reporting spammers, please do this on Bad Apps on Reddit, or another community which focuses on discussing these issues.

This thread is now closed. If you’ve got any queries or comments, please send me a PM and I’ll be happy to follow up.