Funniest story?

Anyone have any funny stories about app development?

Mine is about comments. An Arabian guy left a very angry comment because my app was not working for me. But he rated it 5 stars. My guess was that since Arabian is written from right to left, he thought 5 stars was 1 star?

Anyways, I found it very funny that he wrote a review with many bad words but rated it 5 stars.

What are your stories?

I don’t keep in mind any funny stories about app development at this moment. If I can remember any funny stories, I will share with you.

This made me ROFL :D:D:p

A lady angry at me because a game I didn’t make wasn’t working on her device. She had some issues with my game that I have resolved and then started requesting I also resolve problems with other game - this time not mine - she had installed. After a few months she again send me an email last week, still angry. I have even told her to uninstall my game but she seems adamant and started lying about how it doesn’t work (using my questions about what might not work against me) - attention seeking or mentally ill?

An old lady who requested I explain step by step how to play my game was also funny. She was clearely unable to play the game or comprehend how to play it and got angry why I don’t tell her how to make every move.

I know, it’s a bit sad, not funny.

I want to share mine. Not sure if it is funny. My app has description and it is all about disconnecting. The user left review claiming it does not work but that is based on the function of connecting. After I clarify and say my app description say the function is about disconnecting. She say ok accepted but wish to have the function build for connecting. So I release new version to have both disconnecting and connecting as requested. I update my reply to her review. But till today she has yet to revise her review than my app now does support connecting.

One of my users left a review with 1 star rating. You dont beleive me if you hear what he said in that review. He mentioned

" Increase the download speed of your app"

What i will do if his network sucks :banghead:

I replied like “It is based on your network speed but i will try to reduce the app size in my next update”

And that is the only bad review so far :rolleyes:

Funny story!

I received an email from admob saying they disabled ad serving to one of my apps because it was removed from google play for policy violation.

Funny thing is, I removed the app myself (because it was old) and it was about 1 year since I unpublished it!

@toxis - I have received email from admob saying they have disabled ad serving in an app that wasn’t mine at all. :slight_smile:

Haha funny stories.
The funniest thing is that in one of my apps (cards games), I had two users fighting and calling each other names in the comments section. It was early in the game so not many users reviews yet

It was intersting, I wake up every day to see how one responded to other. Eventually it died with the amount of comments from other users lol