Making Money with Android

[Full method] How to make more than 0,80$ daily from your phone in 1 minute!

First of all, this is available internationally, so keep reading wheather you live in the US or not :slight_smile:

I’ve compiled a list of apps that pay you to open them once a day. These apps pay you 1-5 cents per day just for checking in!

Although there are many rewards apps that pay users to complete offers like downloading other apps, watching videos, etc, what usually happens is that that they run out of offers, or for some reason the points you earn are not credited to your account and you stop earning, so you just uninstall the app without even cashing out.
The last couple of months I have personally tried and tested hunderds of rewards apps and I have discovered several apps that pay users to open the app once a day, without having to do anything else!

Although you don’t have to complete offers to earn with these apps, I strongly suggest that you complete as many offers as you can (watch videos, download apps, etc). This way you will make more money and you will support the developers who have released these apps. You can understand that if too many users go after only the free daily bonus, the developers will see this as abuse, and might reduce the amount, or remove the daily checkin bonus altogether. I was reluctant of releasing this list publicly, fearing that some people will ruin this method for everyone. I hope this doesn’t happen.
Most of these apps are for Android, but I have found and included some links to iOS as well.

Although I have reached the payout limit for most of these apps, I have not requested to be payed because I want to avoid the high paypal fees (4,4% + 0,30$). Plus, most of these apps give you incentives to cashout when you reach higher amounts. For example in one app, I redeemed 600 points for 1$ and got 0,65$ after paypal fees, the next time I waited to reach 5500 points and I redeemed them for 10$ (9,18$ after paypal fees). I plan to post more payment proof in the future.

I contacted several developers and they generally don’t mind installing their app on multiple devices but with different acounts! (If you use more than one account on the same device, or the same acount on multiple devices, you will get banned), so if you already have a phone farm, install these apps and earn more! Also you can do this with spare tablets, smartphones you have in the house

Although I spent a lot of time putting together this list, there is no need to thank me, just use my refferal codes! (lol), not only will I get some points, but you will also earn free points when you enter the ref codes! If I see that people upvote this post and use my refferal codes, I will definitely keep updating the list with new apps, payment proof, etc.

Checking in to All these apps, doesn’t take more than 1-2 minutes! It really is that easy.

I found a few more apps that pay users for checkin in daily, but have not included them because they pay too little or ask you to complete offers in order to continue getting the free daily bonus (e.g. App Nana).

Leave a comment if you have any question and I will try to answer it.

Here is the list:

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