From where i should start a game for team sport like FOOTBALL ?


I am going to make a game like football with high graphics.I have enough budget, but i am confused that from where i should start development ?
Is it compulsory to take permission from team management or anyone else to use their team’s name & their player’s real name & logo ?
It can be any team sport game.But i think that procedure for such game must be same.
Please guide me.


I would be careful spending a lot of money to develop this game. Professional sports are always trademarked and teams and players also. College sports probably are too. You most likely will get removed for copyright violation.

Thanks for reply.
But, what if i develop football(or any other international team sport) it with real country names & making minor changes in player’s name.(Like everybody does) ???

Honestly I don’t know how that would go. If you used zero trademarked materials you might get away with it. Then again, the word “football” is probably trademarked these days. I don’t go near any trademarks with my apps, so I really have no experience on this issue. I would think hard before spending a lot of time/money and make sure you’ve covered all your bases.

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