Frivolous Question - Your Dream Private Jet

Suppose you were both stunningly wealthy and connected, and could both afford and obtain any extant aircraft for your private jet. “Extant”, so can’t say XB70 or Space Shuttle.

What would you, in this frivolous fantasy, choose?

I would go for Concorde, even though it’s not really extant. I just like the way it looks:)

What an interesting question to ponder. If I were to step into the realm of extravagant daydreams, my choice for a dream private jet would be the luxurious Gulfstream G650. Its elegant design, exceptional performance, and unmatched comfort make it a top choice for those who value both style and efficiency in their travels.
By the way, if you ever find yourself considering a trip to Miami and want to explore the world of private jet charter, there’s a useful and Simple Guide to Miami Private Jet Charter. It’s always fascinating to explore the possibilities, even if they remain within the realm of imagination.