FreeAppIn - Another promotion & sharing website

Hi everyone,
I have a website called FreeAppIn - Share and promote your work and applications, for free! And get feedback. on this website you can join for FREE and share your android games, applications, live wallpaper but even desktop games, apps and websites !
Other users can review, rate and share your applications.
We also have a section “reviews” in which all reviews are written by moderators / admins.
So if you need another way of sharing your apps, you can visit FreeAppIn :slight_smile: .


Yea, your site is so effective. I believe, it’s the best site to share and promote my applications.

Really good webpage ;] i used it for my app IKEA PLANNER | More useful and better than official IKEA planner

Looks great - thank you for sharing Caller :slight_smile:

nice and amazing