[Free] Wowapp, whatsapp an alternative that pays you to talk to your friends..!


I found this application on the internet is just like whatsapp or viber except that it pays its users for use.
70% savings generated by the application are donated to its users, the principle is simple when you invite people to use this application is to create a “network” of anyone and everyone that is part of this network receive a fair share of gains.
I inquired and I saw a network of about 50-60 people can earn up to 5 euro per week suddenly I said to myself as you make more advantage because it is more we win! (Currently we are about to cross the bar of 30 users on our network!) So if everyone uses the application for its part it can bring us ten euro per week, according see the number of users.
Otherwise side application, it is rather well done can send messages, audio and video call (fortunately), we can also create audio and video conferencing and all with exellent quality. It’s just like Whatsapp or Viber or even Skype.

To increase the gains on the app you must go into the settings and set to “on” me advertise!

The application pays by credit card, bank account and of course Paypal or you can donate to charity works!

I hope you enjoy this app, our network is already beginning to grow as the earnings it generates!

PS: This application is available on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows! I use it on my moto 360 and my OnePlus.

Here is the https://goo.gl/oOHJJE link, simply register on the site and download the application on the app store or play blind.

You can add me on my number is app 32 472 76 15 June did not hesitate to use it if you have questions or I’m available on this website.

PS: This is absolutely not an application with a Broker system since all earnings generated by the application are shared fairly between different network users.

Nice but its too much difficult to get all the friends in this new app.

Yes, Whatsapp can not be neglected.

You can try everything but people will still prefer Whatsapp, until it is not available.