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Disrupt biased media. Become a citizen reporter. Join the global Citizen Journalist movement. VoxReport is a platform that wants your eyewitness videos of newsworthy events. Using a simple, yet effective reporting format—the 5 Ws and H (Who, What, Where, Why, When and How), users have 60 seconds to provide a person-on-the-street perspective of events happening in front of them as they unfold. If you are unsatisfied with the biased, edited stories that are currently offered on networks, if you are tired of the network reporters being the story instead of reporting stories, if you are tired of sponsor driven reporting, then Vox Report is for you.

•Upload 60-second videos of news events around you
•Rate whether stories are newsworthy or not, and follow trending stories
•Post and respond to Vox Assignments for stories you want to hear more on.
•Categorize stories by location or content
•Unedited, unfiltered citizen journalism not linked to any legacy news channels
With Vox Report you are the reporter and you decide what is relevant based on your reporting and your viewing. Users trend news items rather than editors. A rating system by Vox Report users validates content and accuracy. An Alerts function allows you to track stories of interest and share on social media. Vox Report is the voice of the people unplugged.
Link to google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shareitmobile.android.vox

Requires Android: 2.2 and up
I recommend you to download this new and awesome app.