Making Money with Android

Free/Transparent Cross Promotion Network - Alpha Release

Dear All,

I have been a long time lurker on these forums since I am an Android developer and I have always been curious about making money using Android. One of the first things that I have learned being a developer on this platform is that it’s pretty much a convoluted mess when it comes to dealing with ad networks, mediation, and getting users to download your application. It’s frustrating to see the bigger guys spend loads of money on advertisements just so that they can get up the app store rankings leaving all the individual developers that are cash strapped behind to struggle.

I came across an idea on building a true cross promotion network to help the small time developers get more users without spending any advertising money.

What has been done
Currently what we have built is a transparent/fair backend server to support true 1 to 1 cross promotion that evens the playing field among all participants involved. Currently it supports 3 different modes:
-1 to 1 impressions
-1 to 1 clicks
-1 to 1 installs

We also have signed up a very small exclusive group of developers who are willing to take part in this network. Based on the commitments that we have, we are able to support 1.2 million impressions/month on launch date.

What is left
We are ready to work on the Android SDK component of this network and we’re looking to find a few more developers who want to take part in our alpha release of our cross-promotion network. We also want to talk to you guys and find out exactly what you want in the SDK. We have a couple of ideas on how to do it but ultimately we want to hear what the community wants. Here are some ideas that we have brainstormed:

-Banner Based Cross Promotion
-Full Screen Cross Promotion

Closing Remarks
This will be a completely free network for the purpose of helping everyone get users fast. If anyone is interested in taking part and joining our Google+ group, feel free to PM me or reply back to this thread if you have any questions!