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I want to promote my APP: Image Hunter, it can make you download images on the website so easy.

GooglePlay Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wisely.imagedownloader

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When we visit a website, there are many images in the website.

We want to download the images in the website.

If it just only has 1 or 2 images, it could be easy to download by yourself.

But, if it has 10+, 20+ or 100+ images, Image Hunter can do this for you.

Open the website in the browser, and use share function, share to Image Hunter

Or you can fill the website in the Image Hunter, and press Parse Button.

Choose the images you want, or you can use select all or unselect all button, long press the image can see the original size image.

Press Download button, and choose the folder you will download to or add a new folder.
Images will be downloaded to ImageDownloder folder under PICTURES folder in you mobile phone.

If you want to review images that download before. Press icon in the right top, choose the folder you want to review.

It is easy or not??
Just try it.

I have done it. 5 star under the name “Linh Pham”. Please like this post.

hey… it really looks like a useful tool. I am willing to know more about the quality of images being saved. I mean if this app is capable to download retrieve images in original format and dimensions? and another things, please tell me which browser works better with this application? If it can be integrated with firefox too ? Hope this app is going to work fine in English language

Hi, any browser can work with same result.

I put English and Chinese version on the PlayStore.

So, just download and try it.

The dimension and size is base on the image url.

It the website provide large image url, then the APP can download large image for user.

Really thanks for your reply.

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Hi, Pham

Thanks for you download and rating.

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Image Hunter has been updated to 1.0.200004.

It add modify folder name and delete folder function.

Hi, Every.

Just download it and try.

You will find it is easy and useful.

Image Hunter has been updated to 1.0.200010.

It add keyword search image function.

User can share image from viewer in the Image Hunter.

Donwloaded images will be shown in the Album immediately.

Hi, Every.

Just download it and try.

If you have any feedback or suggestion, please let us know.

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