[Free] Super Saiyan Legends - New Manga Hero Dress Up game for Android

Saiyan Legends is a remarkable dress up game where you will enjoy designing a variety of characters, creating cards using the characters you have devised, and finally competing in the Battle Card Game.

Saiyan Legends is an extraordinary Super Hero dress up game which allows you to mix and match outfits as you please. As a result, you will get millions of different Super Hero outfits.

:gem::gem:Energy Tap Session

:gem::gem:Dress Up Mode
In the Super Hero Dress Up Mode, you will be surprised by a plethora of characters, facial features, hair styles and spectacular Super Saiyan armors. Coins are used to buy these items. Here are the details of items in the Dress Up Mode.

:gem::gem:Battle Card Game
Once you have finished creating your super heroes character, we would like to recommend our Battle Card game where you will create cards to fight based on the rules of Rock Paper Scissors.
Saiyan Legends has a ranking system. The more battle cards you have, the higher place you are. The more battles you have won, the higher place you are, as well.