[Free] Stick Nodes - Stickfigure animation app!

Stick Nodes - A simple-yet-robust stickfigure animation program created with mobile devices in mind!

Hey guys, just got around to releasing my latest Android app. To be perfectly honest, this probably isn’t so much a “game” as much as it’s just a fun way to spend some time - close enough, right?

Google Play: [Free] [Pro]
More info: [Website] [Facebook] [Google+]

The pro version has no startup ad and doesn’t place a small watermark on exported animated .gifs, otherwise the two versions are identical.

You can get a lot more information / screenshots from the official website or the Google Play listing pages, but here’s some quick info.

Stick Nodes is a simple-yet-robust animation program that allows you to create and animate stickfigures frame by frame (with optional built-in tweening) to produce an animated .gif you can share with others.

Some of the features include:
[ul][li]Automatic frame-tweening turned on/off with the click of a button.
[/li][li]Great variety in segment shape types allows for greater creativity.
[/li][li]Color/scale on a per-segment basis - easily color your stickfigures.
[/li][li]Ability to create, save, import, and share stickfigures you create.
[/li][li]Compatibility with Pivot-created .stk files (version 2.2.7 and earlier).
[/li][li]Pinch-to-zoom to make animating more convenient and simple.
[/li][li]Forward and backward onion-skinning for precise animating.
[/li][li]Clean, simple interface created with mobile devices in mind.
[/li][li]More stuff I’m forgetting…[/ul]
Here’s a quick animation created by another user.

Some screenshots to give you an idea of what the app looks like.

It’s a load of fun especially for those with a creative imagination, would love to see some examples of what you guys come up with!