[FREE] Spider Ninja Jump: The Shadow

When the darkness rising, venom returns with the goblin and electro horde. They destroy the city and kidnap Spider’s girlfriend.
Our hero alone can’t fight against these monsters because they’re hiding in darkness. He need new abilities to see through the shade, able to transform and use the magic.
The synergy of Spider, Ninja, Saiyans and Luff create a new hero: Spider Ninja. But with friend’s intervention, will spider win?
Let see how our hero performs the super powers on this comic superhero game!!





Download here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.obuut.spiderjump2

Wow that’s cool game you got there and its amazing to play, Graphics are too extraordinary.

I’ll install this game now and I’ll try it out today… I love this kind of games, so I really think that I’ll enjoy it… thank you very much for the recommendation!

Yeah, you will love playing it. it is difficult also.