[FREE] Save the Snail - physics game

Will you Save the Snail?

Hi there, we’re Alda Games and we recently released our first game called Save the Snail. :slight_smile:

Save the Snail is a casual puzzle game where you have to protect little defenceless snails against dangeroust traps and help them to evade burning sunlight and falling rocks. Curious? Watch the gameplay on Youtube.

The game is available for Android on [b]Google Play[/b] (and also iPhones and iPads and you can download it for free on the App Store HERE).

The game features:
*24 exciting levels
*easy to use controls
*beatutiful hand-painted graphics
*realistic physics
*… and much more :slight_smile:

The game is localized into many languages: English, German, Spain, French, Russian and Chinese.

We hope you will enjoy Save the Snail, such as we do :slight_smile:
And don’t forget to rate it :wink:

Alda Games team

[b]Alda Games[/b] again here :slight_smile: We believe you’re enjoying Save the Snail (HD) and you’re looking forward to our next games.

And… know what? One of them is already cooking and getting ready to be served on your smartphones and tablets.

The game is called World of Cheese and you can find more about it [b]here[/b].