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We have just finished our first game and it is on Google Play right now! You won’t be able to stop playing this game. It is very addictive. Your main task is to avoid enemies that are trying to destroy You! Of course You aren’t going to let them do it! This game may sound easy at the beginning, but after downloading and playing for a while You will notice that it is really hard to master this game. There are also a lot of skins for Your character, so You won’t get bored. I really hope that You will like this game and if You do please rate us on Play Store.

Link to Google Play:

Screenshot_2016-06-28-18-11-18.jpg Screenshot_2016-06-28-18-11-22.jpg Screenshot_2016-06-28-18-11-37.jpg

just sent pm for you. Please check it

This game is quite nice. The concept of it is pretty good, but there are also some sides that need to be repaired. It could be better, but afterall it is okay. PS. I’ve send you a pm message, please read it and write back.


Our game have benn reviewed by a really nice youtuber. If you want you can check out his video and opinion about our game below:


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Really gooy game, by the way !!! :cool: