[FREE][REVIEW EXCHANGE] Flip Flop Flap - A flippin' revolution

Flip Flop Flap takes the simple flappy-style fun and makes it way more fun.
THIS IS NOT A CLONE, but an evolution.
Getting high scores is super fulfilling in this game.

Promo Video: Flip Flop Flap mobile game - YouTube

Get the game here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ElHaskins.FlipFlopFlap

Some pro tips:
-Scoring twice with 1 flip will add time to the clock. THIS IS NECESSARY FOR HIGH SCORES.
-You can go out the top of the screen, but only a little more than the height of the bird.
-You can slide on the ground, but you will lose lives if you do it too long.


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Done as L Haskins. Nice game. I like that the possible numbers that you can use are highlighted.

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