Hey guys! Im pretty new to Google play app development and started with something small and simple! but i hope to continue with app development of more ambitious apps and games :slight_smile: in the mean time i just wanted to show my new game i made based on the same principles as flappy bird. I would most apprectiate it if you took the time to rate my game and if so i will do the same with your app/game :slight_smile:

Just Post your ratings, reviews and comments here and I will rate and review your app shortly after :slight_smile: post the links to your app too so i can easily find them and many thanks! :slight_smile:

8-Bit Flappy Castle Free.jpg

Rated 5*, reviewed and g +1 it. " Nice game It’s a really good game and fun."
Could you please do the same to mine

done the same dude :slight_smile:
“Awesome! great game! so simple yet so addictive! :)”

I’ve given you a G+ and reviewed your app under the name Jean-Philippe Fong.

‘cool game cool graphics’

please review my app:

Thanks man done the same to you :slight_smile:
“Nicccceeee! pretty damn handy! sucha time saver!”

Hi, I done for you with comment “Perfect! Good app. I like it!” (My Lý Thị Diễm), G+ and 5*. Please check and do same for me. Many thanks