[FREE][Review Exchange] Fat funny man


Please share your screenshot for my reference that you provided 5 stars and G+1
I will return the favour with the same proofs too. I will also keep your app for one week at least.

Title ‘Fat funny man’
Rating ‘All ages’
Size ‘13 MB only’
Play store link ’ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.erras.fatfunnyman

Erras Entertainment

I’ve reviewed your app.
Please review mine:

Thanks Benchlih, I returned the favour. I really like your game though. happy land.jpg - Fat funny man

As I reply to other guy who also wants reviews, he also made reviews exchange with others. I mentioned it will take longer time to get the result. However, it is safe for apps as reviews are organic. Of course we know virtual reviews are harmful to apps, not real reviews. This will make app get punished even banned.

You also can buy reviews from real users who will install and review your app with real devices. You know there are many websites offering this service like (BestReviewApp) and they run well. It means this method is available for publishers.

Anyway, I just mentioned one method may help you. Your choice!

Hi. I installed, gave it 5* review and G+ share. Name: Igor Trifunovic
Please do the same for my app:

Thanks Igor Trifunovic, I have returned the favour. mp3.jpg - Fat funny man

Hi :slight_smile:
I wrote the review, rated 5 stars and added +1
Name: Benjamin Eastbay
Please, do the same with my app:


Done as Aleksandar plz do the same for me https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.axar.shapematcher and quote me

Hi Benjamin, Thanks Bro. I have returned the favour and given 5 Starts, nice review and a G+1.

Please keep my app for a week at least otherwise your review will never be accounted by play store.


Hi Aleksandar, I’ve returned you the favour. I have given 5 stars, nice review, G+1 and G+1 share.
Please keep my game for at least a week otherwise google will not consider your review comment.