Vagabond Aliens is a space puzzle game where you have to control two aliens at the same time.
You’ll have to make them alive until the end of each level avoiding obstacles, enemies and traps! With over 10+ different types of dangers and 45+ difficulty levels!
This game required skills are more than fast reactions and memorizing enemy patterns. Explore all the 10 galaxies with space teleports. Some teleport will only open if you have the required space stars. Avoid moving and shooting enemies because they are deadly!

Any review and rate send back in 24 hours!

○ Unique puzzle gameplay in space atmosphere
○ Train your brain and improve reflex while play
○ 10 galaxies and space settings
○ Many hours of gameplay time
○ More then 10 types of enemies
○ 45+ Hard levels and weekly updates
○ Local Score and award system
○ Share on social networks
○ Built in How to Play tutorial
○ Real time Multi-touch system

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