Hi, I have created a simple farm game around growing Cannabis. It’s core focus is on breeding male and female plants together to obtain new, rare strains. You would then flower the plants to sell for money, which gets you upgrades to lights, ect.

The game itself is still in early stages of development, so it’s pretty bare bones, but I plan on expanding on it significantly with different features.

If you give it a review and rating, i’d be more than happy to do the same for your app, the google play link is below.


Thanks for the consideration!

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I’ve given you a 5* and G+ under the name “Brian Redinger”. But if it’s not too much trouble, could you change the review text you gave me to something more original, or even just a rating without the review. I noticed you copied and pasted someone else’s review, including the typos, which is bound to look suspect.

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