[FREE][REVIEW AND RATING EXCHANGE] Baby Sleep Instant White Noise

Want your baby to fall asleep quickly? Your baby cries a lot? Just play a white noise for your baby or toddler.
Choose one of 14 best and most effective baby white noise sounds, start timer and your kids will enjoy the best white noises. Daily playing can greatly increase the effect!

Google Play link:

○ The best 14 white noise sounds to help babies, children, and kids sleep better
○ Play, Pause, Stop buttons
○ Relaxing star and cloud animation while playing music
○ Picture animation for each white noise
○ Endless mode
○ Timed mode (5,10,20,30, 60 minutes auto stopping)
○ More Free Kids games integrated (piano, drum, firework)
○ High resolution graphics compatible with HD tablets and mobiles!

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