[FREE] Randomizer - virtual dice and randomizing everything

Hi everyone! I want to introduce you with my brand new application, that i just released in play.google.com . It is very useful when playing board games, also in role playing games and even more - every game that needs to put people in some order to take their shot, to throw a dice or something, generate fully random number or set of numers. Your gaming expierience will be changed to better and cheating friends will have to cut their actions. Don’t wait - check it out, it’s available for free, you can download it on every android device you own. If you have some ideas, what i can change - write me so i can improve and make actualization preety soon. Also if you like my app - give it 5 stars and some positive comment, so others will see and also be able to use it : )

Here it is:
If you want to look it up - it is not already available in searching, so you need to write exactly “com.pg.randomizer” in search box to find it (without the qotes).