[FREE][PUZZLE] Light Blocks

FREE 2D puzzle game.
GET IT HERE: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=comKroomApps.LightBlocks

Hello everyone!

Light Blocks is a puzzle game where you have to tap the white squares in order to light them all red.
The catch is each white square only turns red for a short period of time.
Light Blocks combines memory games with quick reaction creating this addictive challenge which is guaranteed to bring you hours of frustration, err… I mean FUN!
Challenge yourself to complete all the levels and be the master tapper the world needs!


As the levels get harder you might want to have a techinique in order to complete them. Carefully watch how long a square stays red and make sure the longest time gets tapped first and the shortest time gets tapped last.
Some levels even require you to anticipate where the square will appear making it really tricky.

DON’T FORGET TO… have fun while playing :).

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