[Free/Promo] Waveline | Simple & challenging arcade game

We are two students from Germany and released our first mobile game for Android yesterday.:smiley:


Waveline is a one-tap game with minimalist flat design. The goal is to control the waving line through an endless series of obstacles. There are 4 different stages which represent the 4 seasons.

We would love to get some feedback from you:
[li]How difficult is the game (1-10)?
[/li][li]What do you think of the design?
[/li][li]Would you use Google Play Games?

And of course any kind of other feedback and bug reports are also really appreciated. Thank you very much!
Benedict & Jürgen

Good job! I also released a couple days before Circle point.
Would you be grateful to take a look at it?
Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vluncasu.circle

Thanks! Nice game, too!
I’ve just rated your app with 5 stars! (Jürgen S)
Would be really nice if you could return the favour!

I just rated your app with 5 start too!

Best regards and good luck!

Reviewed and rated. PM sent.

Send PM for you. Please check it.

Your app is good, and exchanging reviews is also good way, but it will take much longer time.

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