[Free/Paid][Fitness][1.6+] Workout Planner Stopwatch

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Paid version at 0.99USD

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Recent Changes
-added total workout time and workout time voiced after every activity
-Application can now work well if the screen is turned off while app is running (bug fix?)
-Few Optimizations
-Voice prompt detailing the next exercise
-Current set is voiced out at the start of the set

A fitness application that enable users to plan their circuits/insanity/etc workout and rest times and track where they are in a certain workout regime. Sounds are used to aid the user when their workout phase or rest time is up and transitioning to the next phase. Voice prompt will detail the next exercise and state the current set you are in.

Workouts that are done is highlighted in blue and the current workout is highlighted in red.
The Green Bold text at the top is the current exercise.
There is a progress bar to indicate the percentage of completion of your current exercise.
10 seconds before an activity ends, a voice will sound off “Ten”.
The number of sets done can also be tracked if the loop option is enabled.

-Voice prompt after every exercise indicating total exercise time
-Voice prompt before next activity saying the next exercise name
-Voice prompt saying the current set at the start of set
-Up to 16 entries
-Unlimited amounts of saving workouts and loading them
-Constantly Updated Exercise List(Needs user suggestions)
-2 kinds of Sound Alerts from 4 seconds before every transitions e.g. beep beep beep…BEEP(different pitch)
-Unlimited loops which means Unlimited sets
-Color indicates whats done,whats not and whats current
-Big Green text above to show the current exercise being executed
-Progress bar tracks the progress of the current exercise
-10 seconds before an exercise ends, a voice will call out the number “10”
-Mostly Black Background to save power :slight_smile:
-Save, Load and Delete Workouts


Pressing reset once resets the timer and workout. Pressing reset another time resets the entries in the time fields.

Press stop to pause the timer. Press resume to resume workout.

Pressing “back” button on main screen closes and resets the app.

Pressing “home” button keeps the app’s settings while the app is running in the background

Saved workouts can be deleted by long pressing the saved workouts in the load screen.

Future Updates
-Custom exercise
-sharing of workouts

Known Bugs
Due to android’s chronometer callback being more than 1000ms late, the stopwatch may skip an indicator however the occurances will not gravely affect the app’s main function. Will look to create a new function for this in the future.

If program crashes after update,
clear cache and data before starting new version(all your saved workouts will be deleted).