[FREE] Numerology Square

A cool new app Numerology Square
★★★ Introducing Numerology Square ★★★

The app provides a methodology of calculation of human qualities with which he came into this world, created by the ancient scientist of Pythagoras. The technique is called Pythagoras Square, since the result is presented in the form of a square. The calculation is made on the date of birth of the individual. Also, therea are a complete description of each quality.
In the application, you can see the “square” of famous people and compare with yours.

Link to Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=numerology.square.pifagor
Requirements: Android 2.3.3and up.
Available for Android.
I recommend you to download this free and awesome app.

The quality is great. I downloaded it for my android.

Nice app, I would definitely like to try it for sure.

ugh, I already know all my strength qualities. Frankly speaking I was born in July 7th, 1977, so I have four 7 ) Even in 20 years I decided that my magical number is 7, because it’s really lucky number. That’s why I read more about this number in numerology from this site (https://www.sunsigns.org/angel-number-777-meaning/), and there I found some coincidences with my own life. 777 denotes wisdom and intelligence and I am a quite wise and intelligent person, by the way, I feel that too much times I am lucky, because I even won 777 dollars in lottery ) Coincidence? I don’t think so )

Look good theoretically. Looking forward to download it if its work good or not.

Looking forward to download it if its work good or not.