[FREE][NEW] Talking Club Change My Voice


Talking Club Change My Voice is such a piece of cake for the apps menu of your phone! It is impossible to even compare it to other Voice Changer games. The reason is that it has got the biggest choice of heroes EVER in the history of the apps of its kind. Believe it or not, there is the team of a whole THIRTY heroes longing to talk to you behind this miniature program icon! So hurry up to have this Talking Club Change My Voice – a piece of cake, or should I say the entire buffet in your phone!

Voice changer lovers have been enjoying talking to our previous heroes, such as a sweet Lemming and Mr. President Obama. Now here is the ginormous choice – 30 absolutely different heroes, which means 30 varieties of voices! The rules are the same – just say anything you want and they will repeat after you. And here is a little hint for making the conversations more fun – try to talk to them in their language! Let’s say, practice your Russian with Putin, rock your day with a Rock star, make some future plans to save the World with Spiderman or feel free to use your slang vocab with a Gangster, saying “Yo, Bro!”. Only in this game you can make the Cowboy drop his gun and repeat what you say. The rest of our human talkers are for you to discover during the game. What is so cool about Talking Club Change My Voice is that the characters are not limited with only human beings. You can feel the joy of listening to animals speak as well! Can you imagine a fluffy Hamster speaking like a human? Or have you ever dreamed of a cartoon dubbing? Then here are some cool variants for you to dub: underwater ballerina of the zoo – Hippo, Kong Fu Panda or even Fish! Yes, you have the power of making even the most silent animal of the universe - Fish speak!

All you have to have to do is to take a single step towards downloading the game. You will need an internet connection only for downloading, and then you are ready to have fun any time offline. It is up to you to get the most fun out of the game. Enjoy talking to any of 30 heroes any time about anything you want! Rules are as simple as it can be – JUST TALK when you see a microphone on your screen!

Be the first to have the latest unique voice changer among your friends. Get ready to explore the rest of “speakers” in the game! They are all very special and no wonder that each of them will be a sweet surprise for You!