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A cool new game :heart: FLYING ONE DIRECTION :heart: 1D

:heart::heart::heart: Introducing :heart: FLYING ONE DIRECTION :heart: 1D :heart::heart::heart:

:heart: Special game for all FLYING ONE DIRECTION fans arounds the world that know all songs and lyrics, include all All five Directioner heads are included in the game: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne . zyan malik.
:heart: It’s fantastic Floaty One Direction Bird Game , let’s check your Directioner flying skills in funny test ,how much pipes are you can to do it’s not a quiz it’s your ability we check ??? with who of the members you make the highscore in that supr amazin game, flap with harry head like bird , flapp and tap to the top of the charts , it’s amazing adveture to all followers of the band , you also can unlock more members if you make more pipes.
:heart: we don’t play here in hard puzle , it’s simple game that realy good to passtime, in that nline game , you can play with your friends in great online adventure oline ,after you dwnload and play you will be addicted for hours , so dowload it now!!! flyying one direction is realy the best choise for you , it’s maybe look for you very funy how such can be so good but yes that’s Crazzy game is amzing , if you a teen and love 1d so for you it’s awesom option
:heart: The game include cool music and awesome graphics, the atmosphire is beautiful.
Amazingly exciting and Best One Direction Apps and Games ( 1d ) Band members the best game ever for girl free in girly edition of flying Directioners Forever and give a kiss One Direction, so if you true one direction fan you must play that magic game meet Harry Styles AKA Hazza , Liam Payne AKA Li-Li , Zayn Malik AKA Zayny Boy , Louis Tomlinson AKA Lou Lou and Niall Horan AKA.
:heart: You are already know all 1D songs and all day look after tolbilds news ,it’s app for one directions true fans choose who you want play with in the best flying celebrities game we make so far , it’s the ultimate challenge for you guys , so stand up from the carpet , find nice place to sit and you will kill hours like that, so forget all Dentist and hospitals games , it’s the real one for you will play now the best celebs game for boys and girls, fly and flay like no tomorow yes not harry dive harry fly, floppy harry flyer game in magic carpet edition.
:heart: From the spotlights of stardom arise an all too familiar form of next level entertainment! Bring that Hollywood swag to your mobile phone is the fantastic five of the fan girl world, One Direction rules! Taking a break from their musical life, these dashing young lads have embarked on an adventure of flappy proportions!
:heart: If you haven’t had enough of the charming allures of your friends and family yet, now this is your chance to get at even more! Tagging along the Flappy 1D bandwagon are the star studded alike Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry and Louis, all grouping up together for a journey they won’t be forgetting soon. you want to know all facts and secrets about the band???
:heart: We keep things familiar with our cool gameplay in our game, giving you an app that you can experience on the go, or on your couch. Everything is simple in our game from start to exit with our classic flippy-flappy style! Including to that, we give some one on one time with your favorite group of post adolescent men, all from the privacy of your smartphone. Things have never been better for you!
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Link to Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appninjaz.flyingonedirection1

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up.
Available for Android.
I recommend you to download this free and awesome game.