[FREE][LWP] Photo Slideshow Live Wallpaper for Easter

Theme your wallpaper for Easter this weekend with Photo Slideshow free.

Play Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobilent.app.photoslidewallpaper

Photo Slideshow LWP is a full featured live wallpaper where you can feature photos on your device wallpaper. Wide variety of customizations as follows.

Live Wallpaper Features & Customizations:
[li]Photo slideshow
[/li][li]Themed icons moving on screen
[/li][li]Fireworks animation
[/li][li]Select photos you would like to showcase as slideshow
[/li][li]Customize photo size
[/li][li]Enable or disabled themed image animation
[/li][li]Enable or disable fireworks animation
[/li][li]Select between auto fireworks or fireworks on touch/swipe
[/li][li]Customize speed of slideshow
[/li][li]Customize size of fireworks sparkles
[/li][li]Customize number of fireworks to allocate
[/li][li]Over a dozen themes to chose from:
[/li][li]* New Year, Christmas, Easter, Winter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Hanukkah, Birthday
[/li][li]* Chinese New Year, Valentine, St. Patrick’s, Fall Season, Remembrance Day
[/li][li]Customize theme image opacity
[/li][li]Customize wallpaper background color