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A cool new game LetsFlick Lite
★★★ Introducing LetsFlick Lite ★★★

LetsFlick is a new fun playable flick based arcade game with two game modes and multiple original and user submitted levels.
You play the game by flicking objects called Tets onto matching pairs to clear the levels and win. Some levels will require a bit of brain power to complete. This includes using the bonuses and flicking strategy.
There are several bonuses and more may be added in future versions:
Wallbusters - Will destroy any solid wall Tets.
SuperTets - Will destroy any Tets except solid wall Tets.
Blockwash - Set all User Tets as one colour/type. Useful to save time when clearing levels with just one type of Tet left. Shake to reset back to original.
GhostTets - You can select ONE user Tet which can pass through walls and destroy all matching Tets in its path.
Lite Version Restrictions:
Fewer level sorting options.
Can not submit levels in designer.
Restriction on number of levels available to play.
Game Mode:
Normal Mode - In some levels you have to destroy all the Tets, in some just the Solid Tets and in some just the Bonus or normal Tets. Some levels will require bonuses to complete them.
Different levels have different designs, backgrounds and sprite sets all which can be used to create differing gameplay. To access the bonus selection menu drag the Bonus button to the right.
FreeFall Mode - In Freefall mode the Tets will fall from the top of the screen and you will have to destroy them before they reach the Shield. When the Tets collide with the shield, its strength will decrease by upto 10%. When the shield reaches 0% the level will end. Some levels have “One Touch” this means after one shield collision the level will end. If your points fall below zero the game is over. In Freefall the aim is to get as many points as possible. You will find bonus Tets too and these can be used by sliding the bonus button to the right. Some levels will end after 35 Tets have fallen and others after 70 or 140 Tets.
You must enter a unique username and valid email to use highscores and level designer. We will keep your email confidential (see privacy policy on our website or Play page). Username must not contain spaces or symbols except "$ - _ *). You can also set the level sorting in the Options section, for example you can decide to play only your own created levels or view the more recently added ones


Link to google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=appinventor.ai_sidzis88.LetsFlickLite

Requires Android: 1.6and up
I recommend you to download this new and awesome game.

I think I am seeing this again. Why you are publishing the same app.?