[FREE] Iron Rocket Man 3D FREE

The greatest superhero o all time Iron Rocket Man fly higher than ever!


* Story:
Previously our hero, Charles Smith, is found after his accident by an unknown man and helps him regain a new identity. Last time he was training in his new establishment to become the greatest savior known to man and it seems his efforts have been noticed.
Iron Rocket Man has been summoned by the Grand Masters to help save New York City from the destruction of Dr. Doom, with his super jetpack and ultra fast speed. Fortunately, Iron Rocket Man manages to take all the citizens to safety although the city is ruined and remains flooded. Now this hero is left to find and battle Dr.Doom evil smart-droids and f22 raptors so they will not be able finish the job.

Love superheroes? Who doesn’t? Try our free Android 3D game version of the characters you like most! Enjoy an addictive fly game with added gameplay features.

*Present gameplay features:
-3D graphics
-multi cameras
-multi weapons

*In future updates we will release new graphics and visuals, improved gameplay, fight scenes, bonuses and more!

LINK: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=us.iron.rocketman