[FREE] Hollow War - War of Soul Reapers


[SIZE=4]Hollow War, an ultimate RPG Card Game! Play a cute character and put your deck-building strategies to the test while exploring the world of evil spirits and powerful demons. Reveal hidden special force within your team and become the greatest conqueror across the three worlds.

Game Features:

  • Always free to play anytime and anywhere
  • Features cool characters from popular manga
  • Unparalleled magnificent skill effects
  • Upgrade your companion to enhance the abilities
  • Set up the perfect team to awaken the inner hidden power
  • Fight for top spot in Soul Reapers rankings
  • Fight against other players to raid their reward fragments
  • Exchange for rare items in the Mysterious Shop
  • Many more exciting features for you to explore

For Android >>Download Hollow War and Claim FREE Serial Code Here!

To celebrate Hollow War Open Beta, we are giving away FREE serial codes that can be used for claiming special rewards as listed below.


For Android >>Download Hollow War and Claim FREE Serial Code Here!

Thanks for sharing your game… Best of luck

Nice game, I would like to play it for sure.

Looks like interesting card fight. With cool characters on it i will download this later.

I think you need to try Skylanders Battlecast, that’s quite nice card fight game.