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Hi Folks,

I have released my app Know your fruits at google play:

I would like to invite you all to download and try this out. Will really appreciate if you could please leave a review and let me know. I will do the same to your app as well.

Thanks all!


Done under name Khanh Tran Cong.

Please do the same on mine:


Thanks. I have reviewed your app too under the name Swagata Acharyya.

i have voted your app.

private message sent with info of my app

Replied to your private message. Thanks

I downloaded your app, rated, commented, pressed g+ and launched it on my phone as Juvas Cheev.
Will keep it for 15 days.
Please do the same!

Done with the name “Swagata Acharyya”

reviews the privacy app that fulfils the privacy needs.
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