[FREE GAME]Yikes! Zombies! Shoot 'Em!

My very first Android game. I know, it shows :slight_smile: But I had great fun making this with my eldest son doing the graphics.

Here’s the game blurb:

What could be more satisfying than blasting walking corpses with a variety of weapons? Yikes! Zombies! Shoot 'Em! is a fast paced 2D shooter.

Starting with a machine gun, you progress through a series of more powerful weapons. Can you score above 20,000?

I’d appreciate any feedback or suggestions

Available on Google Play and Slide.

Yikes! Zombies! Shoot 'Em! on Google Play
Yikes! Zombies! Shoot 'Em! on Slide
Yikes! Zombies! Shoot 'Em (Flash version for PC’s etc)