[FREE GAME] Warp Wiz - addictive leaderboard game

Warp Wiz
by SwordSwipe Studios
Addicting, Action, Arcade


[li]Collect gems while avoiding wraiths to earn a score worthy of the leaderboard. As your score increases so does the number of wraiths attempting to end your life.
[/li][li]Touch to teleport The Wiz, collecting gems to increase your score. Trigger spellstones to provide a respite from the onslaught of hungry wraiths. Think fast, or YOU SHALL NOT LAST!
[/li][li]Compete with friends to top the leaderboards and unlock magi-morfs. Magi-morfs are disguises created by The Wiz as he travels to distant lands. Each magi-morf comes with its own unique skin, background and game changing mega-spell. Unlock them all!




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