[Free Game] updated

Hi friends,

I recently updated my game. I would like you to share your feedback on the game… And After 15 days I still have 74 downloads and 28 are active and the worst is my user acquisition is only 19% :frowning: , I would also like to hear your advices and tips. … Thanks alot for your time …


User acquisition at ONLY 19%? That’s not disgraceful. If you do an old fashioned mail shot, you’d be over the moon at a 19% response.

I got 390 page visits but only 74 downloaded the game and only 28 are active among 28 one is me and 10 are my friends … Is it really normal or my gameplay is not so addictive and impressive ? :(:confused:

I think you expect too much in a short time. Unless you are spending on advertising (or putting a lot of work in to your own advertising) organic growth will be slow. How many apps have you got published?

Just one game…

Your game has good graphics and is well-done. I think you have to make it a bit harder. Players get easy bored of easy games. It is a good start for you. Don t be discouraged. You have made a good job. Keep up. :slight_smile:

Try make your own advertise. Facebook, Google+ etc.

Thanks alot for your time friend… I will think of something to make it harder… But would appreciate if you can suggest one :slight_smile:

Try and make some more games. They don’t have to be fantastic (just look at mine!), but you never know which one will be more popular.


Would you like to share your stats … :slight_smile:

I would if they were better :slight_smile:

I’ll keep plugging away - thankfully I have a day job!

I also have one but want to leave it :D:p