[Free][Game] Trolling Sheep , Let's The Troll Begin - Please try this

Trolling Sheep
Trolling Sheep is a cool and very addictive game. Survival game of The Sheep who enjoy to troll the wolves for eating his food. Trolling sheep can make you pump your adrenaline into your finger. Enjoy to play Trolling Sheep.


  • New Score system, you have to collect hay to get score and keep collect it until you caught by the wolves.
  • New Power Up, there is 2 type of power up you can get to help you stay longer scoring.
  • New Leaderboard, get to the top of leaderboard with your friend or other player around the world.
  • New Score Sharing, you can show your score to your facebook friend.
  • Reworked Graphic, enjoy new graphical of the game.

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