[FREE, GAME] Travel Game - Quiz Of The World Countries Capitals

We want to present you our quiz game - Travel Game - Quiz Of The World Countries Capitals. It has questions for all the countries in the world separated in 4 levels. There are 3 types of questions:

[li]Countries questions - capitals, famous landmarks, culture and etc.
[/li][li]Flag questions
[/li][li]Travel questions

Our game offers:

[li]Authentic travel quiz game
[/li][li]Easy and intuitive user interface
[/li][li]Unique set of questions for a trip game
[/li][li]Possibility to learn countries capitals, flags, interesting facts, most notable places or things to do
[/li][li]Funny way to test and improve your geography knowledge
[/li][li]Interesting game for your free time
[/li][li]Travel Game currency which could be used to skip and learn hard questions
[/li][li]Daily rewards
[/li][li]You could enjoy an interesting travel story and follow your travel memories journal
[/li][li]Way to prove your traveller iq