[FREE][GAME] Slot Bop Free Slots Casino Game

Hey all we are a small Indie game company called Game Scorpion and we present to you our game Slot Bop. We hope you like it and thank you all for downloading it today.


Thank You!

[b][i]PLEASE NOTE: I will not randomly give a 5 star review rating just to make your app rank better, nor do I expect that from you. Please don’t contribute to spam apps in the store by this practice, it helps no one when we are ranking 5/5 for nonsense apps that really dont deserve it. I will only give real feedback and proper star ratings. If I can’t give you a 3 star or higher I will message you with some ideas I recommend and I hope to get the same in return. Anyone writing things like, “Your game sucks” or “Not fun” really is not helping any developer out. Explain WHY something is not good or not functional that fellow developers can take action on. Ex. Your UI could be enhanced OR Your ads are showing up too often, maybe try a different location OR Maybe you could put a button here that could allow us to turn music on/off, etc.

I love supporting fellow developers but if we as developers want a better marketplace, let us say NO to spam apps in the market and focus on really pushing forward good development habits, great user experiences and give 5/5 stars for apps that really deserve the 5/5. It’s in everyones benefit long term and it starts with all of us as developers working together! :)[/i][/b]

Thanks for all the support everyone! :slight_smile: We are already getting a lot of good feedback for our game. Hope to continue polishing it to make it better and better!


Done under name Tom Alaba.
Please do the same on mine.
URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tatit.cellphonespyfacts
Target keyword: Cell Phone Spy




Done, rated, reviewed, G+ as alanbush2. Please do the same

Done, rated, reviewed, G+ as Israel Micha. Please do the same

Thanks downloaded and messaged you some feedback :slight_smile:


Great job on this game (Downloaded and rated).

It does a lot of things right, simple and to the point and the ads were done after one or two game sessions correctly so great job on that. My only recommendations would be to configure your MoPub (It’s still showing test ads, so I’d recommend you fix that so that you monetize correctly). Other than that everything was smooth and simple and worked well.

For future updates you may want to add a possible update on the tutorial (however it was fun to figure out, it took me a few tries to get the hang of it). Also maybe as an added bonus you may want to add more characters or possible cool obstacles like various types of walls (Such as an exploding wall or a wall that could grow the user size or shrink the user size), etc. Updating the UI more in the future could be another possible area, but overall very good. Definitely a good job. You kept the ads in good proportion and it seems like you took some time to test the game which is really good. :slight_smile:

For additional growth of your downloads I recommend placing your app in the various alternate app markets such as SlideMe, GetJar and the various others out there that can increase your potential revenue :slight_smile:


Wow man, thanks for the tips ! :smiley:
This is my first App, i will try do update asap, but thanks :smiley:

Np :slight_smile: Keep on working hard at it, you’re doing great, especially for your first app!


Done, rated, reviewed, G+
Under name: Igor Deletic

Here is my app:


Downloaded and messaged you with feedback.



Just done with username “mars celine”. Please do the same with my game : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.magicteam.games.jewels

WONDERFUL! Now this is what all app develpers should aspire to do. Clean interface, clean design, great use of monetization and ads (Timed at the right times, could also add at the end of a certain amount of gameplays/levels), Incredible UI (I know the assets, we have them as well), well done graphics and video (thats probably the only area I’d say could possibly get an update is some of your ASO). DEFINITELY 5/5 star for a job well done. Even though this is a reskin/similar to CC, it is a well done reskin/clone of CC :slight_smile:

I’d recommend putting this game into the various android markets as well such as Amazon, SlideMe, GetJar, Android Pit, AppBrain, etc.

Great use of social as well. Even doing some additional user acquisation pushes possibly using some of the funds from ad revenue to reinvest in the same ads to get users from other puzzle games could get you some good users. Also try some social pushes as well as possibly some online contests, but definitely this is a good game and you’ve done a great job! :slight_smile:


Thanks you very much for you feedback :). Could you give me some ideal about ASO and “social pushes”. I haven’t done “social pushes” before.

Firstly you can start with my ASO TRICKS: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfUAetxMN39O33xNAkRvkIeAwmr0P8CuG

Its on Youtube part of Microsoft Developer in Canada.

Next I’d recommend for marketing and promotion to use social media as well as actually paying for ads (facebook ads, chartboost ads, etc.). There is no right or wrong here, just find your target market (Who are your users? What is their age? Sex? Location? etc. What blogs do they frequent? What Forums? What are their tastes?). Narrow it down and then target these users in the market you see the most retention in (hence long term higher revenues if done correctly).


Great! thanks you.

Do you mind sharing what eCPMs are you getting with your casino apps? And how much do u make per downloads?

thank you! good luck with your apps