(Free Game) Run Peeman Run

We have released our new game “Run Peeman Run” which you can download from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.casualbee.runpeemanrun
and would appreciate your feedback for the same.

Game Overview:
Run Peeman Run is a funny take on a rather embarrassing situation most guys find themselves in their daily lives. Imagine finally landing a date with the hot girl on campus and you prepare for days to impress her on your first date. On D-day, you are full of apprehension and you lose count of the number of sodas you had, to calm yourself down, resulting in a bladder which needs to go every 10 minutes during your date. Talk about timing.

And your problem doesn’t end there! It seems everything in the universe is conspiring against you… the toilet seat, the waiter, the table… resulting in some rather … umm… embarrassing and sometimes painful incidents. If you are a guy, you know what we are talking about and if you are a girl, then it will give you a whole new insight into a man’s world.

This game is guaranteed to crack you up. It is funny and tests your concentration levels. Also, the win / lose messages at the end of every level are some of the most witty one liners that you have seen in games.

Game Description:
You play as a guy who has to empty a bladder the size of the moon. The challenge here is to release as much liquid as you can, before the toilet lid drops down which can lead to a rather embarrassing injury. Even if you manage to dodge the toilet lid, don’t think you have got it made. There are high chances that you might end up wetting your pants if you don’t pull back in time.

The gameplay is simple and designed to get you in action instantly. With the help of an on-screen button, you control when you start peeing and when you stop in order to dodge the falling lid. The more you dodge the toilet lid, the more you are able to pee, which in turn leads to more levels being unlocked and umm… more relief.

Upcoming versions will have more themes, more challenges and of course more achievements!

Game Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.casualbee.runpeemanrun

Game Video: Run Peeman Run - YouTube

Unique Selling Points:

• One of the most funny games to hit your mobile phone
• Guaranteed to make you smile, no matter if you win or lose
• Super simple game play with hilarious sound effects
• Fun graphics and animations
• Improve your concentration skill with funny game play
• No Language barrier
• Total of 4 themes with 1 theme every week. We have already launched 2 themes and launching the next theme on 25th March and final theme on 2nd April
• Unique Sharing option to your friends at the end of the game