[FREE GAME] Rob:uZzle

I just released yesterday a free logic game, based on classic concepts but with some twist.
Any comment, suggestion, translation correction and of course any rating is well accepted, before starting the ad campaign :slight_smile: Please let me know what you think without filters!
Any favour will be returned, of course!
Thank you!


To save the world from an alien threat, drive your robots with no brakes inside 100 rooms and solve 100 logic puzzles.

In every room, each obstacle can become a resource: deal with laser guns, moving boxes, bombs, sticky stains, revolving doors, magnets, teleportation passages, chasms, portals, flinging springs and many other elements that will make every solution original and surprising.

How many movements will you make? Will your robots cooperate, or will they work alone?

Intuition, logic and lateral thinking are all required to solve all the 100 puzzles, carefully arranged in order of difficulty, from easy to challenging for the most experienced player.

But donโ€™t worry: there are hints.

Will your brain save the world?

An intelligent puzzle game, perfect for kids and for adults, for hours of funny brain usage.

Available for free in 12 languages, including English.

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Sent PM for you. Please check it.

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Done as Sachin Sood in review, 5* rating and download I really like it! Do me a favor please download my app and keep at least 1 day

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