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Riki Texas Hold’em takes the most orthodox plays of Texas Holdem in USA.We completely deal randomly to ensure the holdem poker game is professional and fair.You need luck ,skills and intelligence when playing Riki Texas Hold’em.Texas poker is widely loved by the elite who love card games. Now, we would like to invite you to join in online poker game.
★Low demand:free registration and login, eliminate registration steps,"one-click login"is more intimate.
★ Rich reward: Ten thousand chips reward every day, waiting for you to get.
★ Fairness: matches replace casual tables model, greatly avoid the cheating phenomenon, to achieve the real fairness.
★ Professional:orthodox rules, standard events, create an absolute professional poker game for you.
★ All-in Area:originality all-in area,it all depends on your luck,stimulating your heart absolutely.
We have official information pages posting rikipoker latest news, if you are interested in our texas holdem online poker game, you can review our pages.
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Riki Poker-Texas Holdem V1.0.5

Current Version:1.0.5
Requires Android:2.2 and up

What’s New

  1. The new game sounds
  2. The game click on other players, you can send them to face interaction
  3. The new world ranking function
  4. All-in game, the new room list, which allows to select rooms
  5. Repair some bugs

Hello guys! The latest version Riki Poker-Texas Holdem 1.0.7 release.

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Hello guys! The latest version Riki Poker-Texas Holdem 1.1.2 release.

In this hot summer, hot season, Riki Poker passionate World Cup contest will start!
Riki Poker will be through the traditional football interactive challenges, crazy samba amorous feelings, the fascinating chip reward, passion of poker to let our players in riki poker drip fun play ing on the World Cup. Let us become centimillionaire together.

Group Match: 19800 chips
Eighth-Finals:29700 chips
Quarter-Finals: 49500 chips
Semi-Finals: 99000 chips
Final Match: 198000 chips


  1. Log in Riki Poker client
  2. The quiz starts time for 24 hours before the commencement of the end time of the commencement time (24 hours before the start of the game can quiz).

Event Time: From June 11 to July 12, 2014

Did you write this poker app by yourself? Or do you work in a larger team or use a script made by someone else? I ask because I wrote Poker Texas Holdem for a client (twice) and it was a horror - so many rules, so many things to take into consideration. :slight_smile: I never thought a “simple” poker would be so much work.