[FREE][GAME][REVIEWS-RATINGS]: Fuuzz: space invasion war.

Hi everybody !!!

My new game is called Fuuzz. It is a shoot 'em up in which you are fighting in space against lots of enemies. Only one way to survive: use their own weapons against them.

I would be glad if you could positively review my game. Of course I would be happy in return to do the same for you.

Link to the game:

A few screenshots:

Thank you !

Hi, I just reviewed 5* and g+ from user “Sulea Cosmin Cam”, please do the same with this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.strikewing.GG_green


done install, 5 x stars, g+, comment, open and play game with name “Minh Ngoc”, please do the same for me. Thanks

Hi, done with G+ and 5 stars review (“A lot of fun with this game!”).
Please do the same for me:


I can’t install your game. Tried with 3 different devices (phone, tablets) with android 4.1, 4.2 , 4.4.2 it is written “this app is not compatible with your version”. To bad it looks awesome.
Give me another one of your app for me to rate it.


Ok done :

Thomas S…
Fun and relaxing Love the neat graphics and the peaceful music. Good game for the whole family.

Thank you.


Thomas S…
Great app for efficient traveling.

Thank you.

rate 5* and g+ by duc nguyen.
please do the same with my app:

I will be a bit later today, a few hours, I’ll return to this thread.


Just did 5* and g+ from user “Sulea Cosmin Cam”,

Thanks :slight_smile:

Ok Done:

Thomas S…
Very funny game Chuck Norris against zombies. Hilarious.

Thank you.