Total War adds a twist on tower defense gaming: it uses virtual reality which allows you to play atop any surface at your choosing. In this action 3D title you build your mech army defenses, bases and resources to ward off waves of attacking enemy drones.

It’s best to play standing and aiming at a wall, on a printed paper or directly pointed down at the floor. Having some objects in the scene makes for better grasp of space and real-time motion tracking.

The controls include the lower row to choose from resources like command centers, barracks, energy blocks, and communications towers. You can build your defense vanguard army from the barracks building. Lastly, there are weapons such as cannons and missile turrets. Besides defense items and resources to place you can invoke missile strikes by tapping the bottom right icon and then tap the target. Tapping the eye button allows you to toggle motion tracking on your scene.

You have a few minutes to place your assets - soon after a wave of mech fighters will come to attack you. The goal is simple, but you destroy all foes until their resources are depleted when you advance to the next level.

Install the game for free from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.BrightStars.TotalWar
Watch the YouTube video: - YouTube